Essential Role Of Currency In The Sims Mobile

Just like every simulation game currency plays a very important role in The Sims Mobile.  Simoleons is a type of money in the game, and you get hundred of simoleons when you start it. The Sims Mobile also give you option of in-app purchase to buy more simoleons in needy time. Here I am giving you more information about the types of currency in the game so if you want more currencies for free you have try The Sims Mobile Hack.


It is the premium currency in the game, and you use it to purchase the simoleons.  The only way to earn the simcash is Google play store and Apple app store.  You have to use the real money to buy huge of simcash in the game. If you don’t want to use the real money, then you can also earn the simcash by completing the level. Try to complete the daily tasks, because you also get the simcash as a gift in missions.


It is also a type of currency in the game, and you can’t buy these tokens by spending real money. The only way to earn the tokens is tasks and hard work, so always try to complete more tasks to collect the tokens.  You can use tokens to buy the unique items which are hard to find like boosters and powers. There are four types of tokens available in the game, and each has their different use.

  • Relationship tokens – You can earn it by making a better relationship in your Sims.
  • Career tokens – If you want to earn career tokens, then you have to concentrate on the career of Sims.
  • Hobby tokens – Try to do special events and big parties to get the hobby tokens easily.
  • Party tokens – You can collect these tokens easily because whenever you organize a party, the game gives you a token.




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