An Overview about Clash of Kings

Elex Wireless creates the game Clash of Kings. It is a multiplayer online game in which we started as a leader of an army. In the game, we should upgrade our army, troops, and buildings and then try to destroy the enemy’s castle. Firstly, while the game starts it automatically starts showing the demo. The demo includes how buildings are made, how and where we get the resources, how to train troops and a proper formation of your buildings and castle.

Special Features:

In this game there are many features that a player should know which are as follows:

  • The most common thing we should know that we have to train our troops to lead the team.
  • We should make the strategies and establish them wisely to win the battle.
  • In the game, we have to upgrade our equipment to play well against our enemies.
  • The game includes high-quality graphics and lot of many new features.
  • We have to play in MMO battles to fight against the enemies.
  • Gold is the most important currency that we can use to upgrade our monsters and dragons.
  • We should always try to build an empire either day or night.
  • Another feature is that we should join an alliance and select a hero who is fully armored.

Other Important Features:

  1. Placement of Building

This feature includes the suitable placement of building and castle to protect them quickly from the enemy while the war is going. We should build an empire at every time day or night.

  1. Training of Troops

The troops play a crucial role in the game as they mostly used while the war is going. If we want to lead the game, we have to train our troops properly by upgrading them.

  1. Collect the Resources

It is also an essential aspect as in this we have to find the resources like gold, food, iron, and wood every time and everywhere so if you want have more by trying Clash Of Kings Cheats.

  1. Upgrade the Hero

In it, we have to upgrade our hero proper with the help of gold. It is crucial as this helps us in winning.


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