Avakin Life – get more exposure to the world by chatting and inviting people


The 3D game has been increasing becoming popular among the player who like to live their lives their own way or have creative skill. The game of Avakin Life gives full control in the hand s of the player to play by choosing the avatar of Avakin. You can also have the control to choose job, location, style of living and so on.

Avakin Life Hack is worth useful for having more access to the things of the game to decoratge the house, garden and office and to have more game currency. Besides, change the look of the Avakin character.

Role of Avakin in the game

  • The chosen character of the game Avakin has many things to do in the game which are below mentioned:
    • Avakin can furnish the house with various furniture items, with electronic gadgets and so on.
    • Player can alter the clothes, outfits, and footwear of Avakin avatar as per his desire.
    • Friends of the game can be invited for late parties and Avakin can also visit the late night parties.
    • Chatting and making friends new friends open more job opportunities to the player to have more access and experience about the world.

Game currency

The game of Avakin Life also facilitates the player to use coins as game currency. Coins help the player to play with more options and things to unlock. Game currency can be gained by using Avakin Life Hack as well as by completing the tasks of the game.

Vibrating and exciting virtual world to enjoy

The player of the game can experience the virtual world with more enthusiasm and excitement. Ambition of the player can be turned into reality through the 3D vibrating game.

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