Learn all about the sections and play way of Homescape Game


Homescape is a puzzle game means it is a game which tests the knowledge or ingenuity of a person. You had to play the entire game in form of logical way which makes doubles your fun. Basically there are two sections one is home renovation where new characters were there which sets new goals when moving further. You had to complete them for taking all the stars and coins for the game.

  • Mechanics of the game

The mechanics of the game are so best and appropriate that you can’t stop yourself when you get started to play the game. Homescapes provide you best gameplay concept which you had not play before. You had to help the Austin so that his parents convinced by him that is to not selling their family mansion. In this way, the mechanics of the following game is well defined which were based on the suitable storyline. Always remember if you play more and more you will get lot of stars and the coins which make your home look more attractive and impressive.

  • Interesting puzzles and levels

The game will become more interesting when you will able to solve the puzzle and moves at next level. Here you will achieve lots of stars and coins as you had completed previous level. With the help of stars one can complete variant task and challenges like repairing stairway or replacing the cost of carpet. One can also purchase expensive and requisite things with help of coins as they were continuously upgrading your skills and abilities.

  • All about sound and graphics

The quality of sound and overlooks are incredible and it looks very good as it plays in speed. The characters and the graphic design of the game are so best that you will never stop yourself for playing. To build your house in perfect manner and what are the resolutions taken during the time of home renovation were considered under it. One can take the experience of best vibration during the time of game play.


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