Bit Heroes: Learn Gameplay And Know About Zone Level

The Bit Heroes games is base on defeating the bosses and reach to higher levels and gather gears and armor to defend ourselves too. The game is separated in many zone and base and to reach every zone, players have to kill each boss of every zone. Know about the zones in the below paragraphs, and if you want to get a high amount of currencies, try Bit Heroes Hack make your equipment strong. In the game, there are various types of weapons and equipment.

Zones Of The Game –

·         Beginning at the zone one the game is quite easy and it’s easy to defeat Dungeons. While defeating them all, it is also important to collect all of the normal rewards and hidden rewards too. In the first zone, players don’t have to upgrade the gears. And it is important to collect the families to fuse and much as they can in the first zone because it’s easy to get in the first zone.

·         Zone two required many kinds of new equipment because it becomes harder in the second zone. Getting new gears like weapons, armor, Shield from the online shop of the game, it enhances the stats of the character. Level up the weapons at least level two to kill the monster in this zone.

·         Zone three is hardest from the previous both zones and in this zone, strong monsters will come. In this zone, the player has to increase their equipment power at least at level 5 and choose the right weapon to fight all different kind of monsters. Enhance the power weapons required, Bit Heroes Hack service to instant up-gradation of weapons.