Episode Choose Your Story – How To Publish Your Store Wisely

Episode Choose Your Story – How To Publish Your Store Wisely

Episode Choose Your Story is counted in the top rating games because its concept is really unique. Gamers are really happy to have a storyteller genre game in which they can read different sorts of stories. Basically, players of the game can also publish their own imaginative story through an application. Its application is available on Google PlayStore and Apple App Store. In order to make this unique apk, developers have added passes and gems. Both are currencies of the game those are very important to collect. In a time gap, players get the opportunity to earn these resources. Therefore, you just need to wait until you collect more gems and passes or you can try Episode Cheats.

Hidden facts about Episode Choose Your Story

You may have played lots of games in your life but the graphics and features those you will get in the Episode: Choose Your Store games are unbelievable. It is the best time-pass that will provide you great outcomes. If you have a storyteller at home then this game will provide you a great support. It will keep you the link for long period of time. This game is really addictive and fabulous so if you are looking for the best infinite story-lines then this game will prove your endless decision. In this article, readers will collect some valuable information about this unique game. 

How to reach top level with your awesome stories?

Basically, fabrication the stories in the game are tremendously very easy. There are lots people those are stuck in a confusion that how they can easily reach the top level of the game. Basically, they can read all these points those will prove very supportive in the process of reaching the high level.

•         If you are going to play the game then make sure your age must be less than 13 years or above in order to publish your story.

•         In order to update the story progress daily, you need to make minimum three episodes daily.

•         Social networking account plays the main role in a game. Therefore, you can connect with your friends on social media and give them information about the episodes of your story.

•         You should try to keep everything in the suspenseful. Due to this, your fans will wait for the story with more excitement.

•         Try to put sometime unique into the episode of your tales that can seek the attention of others.

Well, we have covered all the important points those will prove very helpful for the players of episode choose your story. Due to this, awesome game they can be successful in the world as well as in the social world. 

Moving further, if you have any question then you can easily ask it from experts. These experts are highly experienced and provide great support.  There is nothing better than the game which is providing you so many outcomes. If you have any doubt then it is possible to clear by reading the reviews. These reviews are shared by those gamers who already played the game.

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Check Out Details About Currencies In Golf Clash

Check Out Details About Currencies In Golf Clash

In order to become a top-notch gamer in Golf Clash, players should follow some important strategies as well as tips and tricks. With the help of this, they can get success for achieving a better position in the game. This game is introduced by the most popular game development studio playdemic. You should download this game from the on-device app store first and then you can start playing it. The beginners can take help from the tutorial which helps them to learn the art of playing real matches. With the help of our Fanspage, beginners can also get an idea of the gameplay elements and the features.

In addition to this, there are many attention-grabbing features that will make you addicted to the game. Players should try to put the ball first into the hole so that they can win the matches and earn currencies that have a great importance.

All about currencies

If you are playing this game then it is important to upgrade the equipment or to buy lots of other items from the game shop. With the help of all these items, you can level up quickly and also improve your performance and skills. Here are two main currencies that are:

·        Coins

·        Gems

These currencies can be earned in numerous ways so you should check them first. After this, you can try to increase the funds in your account which is helpful to become advance in the game. The detailed information about these currencies is given below:


It is the primary currency which can be earned by playing matches and also by many other ways. If you are thinking that it is a piece of cake then you are going on a wrong path. You should know the fact that it is really essential to win matches in order to earn coins. With the help of coins, players can pay the entering fees for playing matches and also spend it to upgrade the clubs. This is beneficial to make progress and also to become more powerful than before. Chests are also the best option to earn loads of coins in the game.


The special currency of the game is gems that can be used to buy premium products from the game store. You can buy golf balls, special tour chests and much more. Well, this is also playing an important role for opening the chests quickly. Players can also buy gems with the help of spending their real life money. They should choose a package as according to their desire. They should always spend these currencies smartly to improve their performance. This can help them to play effectively and also to eliminate all types of issues.

What’s more to know?

You can see that there are many players who are facing lots of issues due to lack of resources. If you are one of them then you should get out of it quickly. There are lots of methods to earn currencies but you have to pay attention to them. By doing this, you can load your game account with unlimited currencies which you can use to enhance your performance and the speed of your progress in the game. players who are struggling with different complications while playing the game so they should take help from the alternatives.  With the help of choosing a good alternative, you can ease up your task and then get a better position. 

Moreover, you can also use Golf Clash hack to defeat the opponents and also to become a winner in the game.




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